NISL Announces Women's First and Second Teams, League Honor Roll Recognitions

Tampa, FL – The National Indoor Soccer League (NISL) has named players to its 2023 First Team, Second Team and Honor Roll in both the Men’s Division and Women’s Division. Coaches from each member team were included in the selection of players across both NISL divisions. 

Stats from all 2023 league contests can be found on were the primary determining factors into the appointment of players to the First and Second teams and to the Honor Roll, in addition to the nominations made by coaches across the league. 

First Team – Women's Division

  • Central Florida Crusaders    Alivia Gonzalez  F  
  • Memphis Americans         Molly Martin  F 
  • Tampa Bay Strikers        Tesa McKibben  F/M 
  • Fayetteville Fury        Shannon Leghart  D 
  • Memphis Americans        Lauren Odinoo  D 
  • Memphis Americans        Angel Hailey  G 

Second Team – Women's Division 

  • Columbus Rapids        Carlie Banks  F 
  • Central Florida Crusaders    Nicole DiPerna  M  
  • Memphis Americans         Bailey Tadlock  M 
  • Tampa Bay Strikers        Madison Cox  D 
  • Tampa Bay Strikers        Andrea Hauksdottir  D 
  • Tampa Bay Strikers        Catrina Salazar  G  

Honor Roll – Women's Division 

  • Fayetteville Fury        Stephanie Quintanilla  F 
  • Central Florida Crusaders    Jordan Rowan  F
  • Columbus Rapids        Olivia Jarrell  F 
  • Tampa Bay Strikers        Kate Hostage  M 
  • Columbus Rapids        Callie O’Connor  M 
  • Columbus Rapids        Loren Mitchell  M/D 
  • Memphis Americans        Cheyenne Smith  D 
  • Tampa Bay Strikers        Brianna Blethen  D 
  • Central Florida Crusaders    Grace Raji  D 
  • Columbus Rapids        Bria Riancho  G 

The full release of league awards will conclude later this week with the announcement of division MVPs.