Tampa Bay Strikers Welcome New Majority Owner, David Yeates

TAMPA BAY, FL  - The Tampa Bay Strikers are thrilled to announce a new era of leadership with the introduction of their new majority owner, David Yeates. An accomplished businessman, residential developer, investor, children's book author, and former athlete, Yeates brings a wealth of experience and a profound passion for sports to the Strikers organization.

"The addition of David Yeates as a new owner in Tampa serves the league well by strengthening not only the local team structure but secures solid leadership and direction for the league's other teams playing partners." said NISL Commissioner Gary Tufford.  "The NISL is committed to a continued build of its ownership foundation with solid business individuals that are fiscally responsible, and committed to having a vision for community and purposeful causes. We welcome David to Tampa Bay and I am sure his desire, passion and experience will serve the Strikers well".

Hailing from a diverse background that spans real estate development, law enforcement, military service, and business management, Yeates is well-equipped to guide the Strikers to new heights of success both on and off the field. A proud graduate of Delta State University in Mississippi, where he excelled as an All American running back in football, Yeates also is a member of the esteemed Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. 

Throughout his impressive career, Yeates has demonstrated an innate ability to lead and manage businesses effectively, evident in his ownership and management of various enterprises since 2007. His deep-rooted understanding of finance, business management, and competitive spirit make him an ideal fit for his new role as the Majority Owner of the Tampa Bay Strikers. 

As an avid sports enthusiast, Yeates has a profound appreciation for the values instilled by athletics, including discipline, teamwork, and determination. Having participated in football, basketball, baseball, and soccer during his formative years, he attributes much of his later success to the work ethic honed on the field. 

"I am truly excited to embark on this journey with the Tampa Bay Strikers," expressed David Yeates. "My aim is to lead the organization towards championship victories while fostering a strong connection with the Tampa Bay community. I'm committed to bringing my competitive spirit, business acumen, and passion for sports to the forefront." 

Beyond his professional endeavors, Yeates is a dedicated philanthropist who believes in giving back to the community. He has spearheaded various initiatives through his nonprofit organization and actively supports other charitable causes. His dedication to community empowerment aligns perfectly with the values of the Tampa Bay Strikers. 

The National Indoor Soccer League (NISL), founded in 2021 by experienced sports team and league owners, is the stage upon which the Strikers will showcase their talents. The NISL, with its focus on delivering high-quality, affordable entertainment while nurturing player and staff development, provides an ideal platform for the Strikers' journey to success. Alongside teams like the Central FL Crusaders, Columbus Rapids, Fayetteville Fury, and Memphis Americans, the Strikers are poised to make a resounding impact in the league. 

In the 2023 season, the Strikers' men's team finished in 3rd place with a record of 7-9, while the women's team secured a commendable 3rd place finish with an 8-8 record. With the addition of David Yeates as the Majority Owner, the Strikers are poised to build upon this foundation and strive for championship glory in the seasons to come. For more information about the Tampa Bay Strikers and their journey in the National Indoor Soccer League, please visit www.tbstrikers.com.